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Without cow protection there is no brahminical culture

Ahimsa Goshala

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Passing on cow worship from one generation to the next

This is the first time in the history of the western world that grandparents are teaching the children how to honor mother cow.

This is Udarakirti  having her hair groomed by Laxmi

The relationship between humans and cows is very friendly and intimate.

Neighbors sometimes visit to participate in worshiping the cow.

Neighbors sometimes visit to participate in worshiping the cow.

Cows enjoy pushing baby Krishna

The cows enjoy pushing baby Krishna on His swing during Julan Yatra

This is Yoginath offering daily puja to the cows

Your support insures that daily pujas will continue

In this universe there is no act as auspicious as protecting and worshiping Lord Krishna's cows


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Welcome to Ahimsa Goshala


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We maintain the animals throughout their whole life. That is the way of cow protection


  • "Krishna, by His practical example taught us to give all protection to the cows..."

    letter to Hyagriva 14 June '68
  • "If these farms become successful then the whole world will be enveloped by Krishna consciousness"

    letter to Hari Sauri 10 Aug. '77
  • "...comfort for the brahmanas is secondary, and comfort for the cows is His (Lord Krishna's) first concern"

    SB 10.8.16 purport