Our Vision and Mission

Our Personal Conviction Regarding Sacred Cows

The hump cows of India are the world’s most beautiful animal. They are sacred and very dear to Lord Krishna. Those who help to honor and care for cows are fully blessed by the Lord.
Our Vision for the Development of Ahimsa Goshala

  • All cows will be protected for their entire life
  • For special festivals and pujas they will be beautifully decorated
  • The dung and urine of the cows will be used to create medicines and fertilizers according to ayurvedic and biodynamic principles
  • Their milk will be used to make paneer, yogurt, ghee and milk sweets which will be offered first to Lord Krishna and then to His devotees
  • Visitors will be welcome to mingle with the cows and to whisper their desires into the long beautiful ears of their favorite cow
  • The bulls will be trained to pull carts and plow the land
  • We will not be satisfied until we make this the most beautiful herd of cows on planet earth

A warm and dry "Eco Barn" barn is needed for sheltering cows during the winter