"God blesses those who take care of cows"


Passing on cow worship from one generation to the next

This is the first time in the history of North America that grandparents are teaching their grandchildren how to honor mother cow.  Ahimsa Goshala is working to bring respect for cows into the mainstream of human values in the modern world.

There are opportunities to perform seva for Go Mata in a number of ways such as building barns, installing fencing,  clearing land for pastures,  purchasing winter hay,  contributing to vet care, cleaning, milking, worshiping, and training.  The salient point is that the cow is a sacred animal and that anything we do for her will benefit us and our families, both now and in the future.  Cow worship is a win-win affair.


Early morning August 18, 2022 Surabhi cow went to a remote part of the forest to have her baby girl Mohini.  Calf and mother are healthy and happy.  

2 new gir cows arrived to Ahimsa Goshala from a small farm in BC that needed a home, or they might end up being sold for slaughter.  Welcome to Varuni and Revati. They were restless and confused at first, but they quickly realized they had arrived in a wonderful new home.

The devotees built an additional Goshala barn for the new cows in 2022. Our original Gir cow, Surabhi, is in ecstasy that she is graced with the association of two new friends who belong to practically the same family lineage.  A warm and dry barn is still needed for sheltering cows during cold and damp days - more than half the year in our location.