Our Committment and Service to Cows

We maintain the animals throughout their whole life. That is the way of cow protection

"...comfort for the brahmanas is secondary, and comfort for the cows is His (Lord Krishna's) first concern"  SB 10.8.16 purport

Cows are the dearest entities to lord Krishna so much so, that according to the Vedic scriptures in prioritizing the welfare, the welfare of cows comes first even before the welfare of Brahmanas or welfare of the whole world. Thus, unless cows are kept happy no matter whatever arrangements may be made in the society there will be no prosperity that can give real peace.

"Krishna, by His practical example taught us to give all protection to the cows..."

The Srimad-Bhagavatam describes that people in the society can develop focus on God realization (which is the very purpose human life), only when proper brahminical culture is established and brahminical culture can be efficient in guiding the society only when cows are kept always happy.