Pooja and Havan

Please contact us a few days before your trip.  We will facilitate your goshala experience.  We are happy when we receive a phone call or an email from someone asking if they can come to feed and worship the cow. We are honored to be in a position to offer such a service.

For special occasions, we offer puja to Go Mata.  Also on certain festival days such as Gopastami, and upon special request from a donor or visitor we conduct puja and havan. 

Call: 236 565 1199 ~ Gujarati, Hindi, and Punjabi: 639 571 2171

What to Bring for Cow:

  • fresh produce, ideally organic
  • carrots, apples, beets, cabbage
  • pure gur/jaggery with no additives

Please don't bring anything for cows with coloring and additives. No bread, cooked or fried foods


"Oh Goddess Cow you make a weak person strong, you make a glowless person beautiful and with your auspicious sounds you make our homes auspicious"  Atharva Veda

"She provides us with food and knowledge even when we mildly pray"  Kathopanishat