Saranagati Village


Saranagati Village is located in Venables Valley, B.C., near Ashcroft, about 4 hours drive from Vancouver along the Trans Canada Highway.  The village is scattered throughout the 2000 acre valley.  It is self contained with its own forests, grazing lands, farming fields and privately managed water sources. 

All lands are certified organic by BCOCA.  There is a private lake and hiking trails for recreation.  There is also a school and a temple serving the 30 Vaisnava families who live there full time. 

Saranagati Village is off grid, all power is provided by alternative energy such as solar panels and micro hydro systems.  The homes are heated by wood and water comes from springs in the adjacent mountain hillsides.

The Saranagati lands are owned by "Saranagati Village Holdings Inc."  Purchasing a share in the corporation entitles one to a lifelong lease of 5 acres of land.  More details are available on the website.