Problem Worth Solving

Western Canada now has a sanctuary for cows. A place where they are protected for life, loved, and worshiped.  A place where you can bring your family, feed the cow, brush the cow and receive blessings from the cow. This sanctuary is home for the ancient sacred breeds of cows known as Bos Inducus Bovine, or in other words the sacred hump cows of India.  In order for this sanctuary to increase in size and to provide more services a larger barn is required.

Our solution 

Ahimsa Goshala already exists. We want to take it to the next level. In order to do so we need more cows. In order to increase the number of cows we need a bigger barn.  Not only a larger barn, but a barn which directly reflects the respect and honor which is appropriate for a goddess, that is the spirit underlying the "Eco Barn".  In order to finance the construction of the new barn we're looking for people who understand the value of spiritual investments, investments which pay dividends both in this life and the next, for themselves and for all their family members.

"If the cows are kept healthy by green grass and pure water we will be endowed with virtues, knowledge and wealth" 28th Shukta Rig Veda

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