Building the Eco Barn


Problem Worth Solving

Western Canada now has a sanctuary for cows. A place where they are protected for life, loved, and worshiped.  A place where you can bring your family, feed the cow, brush the cow and receive blessings from the cow. This sanctuary is home for the ancient sacred breeds of cows known as Bos Inducus Bovine, or in other words the sacred hump cows of India.  In order for this sanctuary to increase in size and to provide more services a larger barn is required.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Go Mata has her own bank account. Every penny we receive is put into her account and used exclusively for Go Seva. In order to expand the Go Seva we will market ahimsa goshala by the most effective advertising possible, which is word of mouth based on positive experience.  Although the Indian population in Western Canada is very large and diverse it is also tight knit and very interconnected. If the Goshala is well managed and visitors enjoy a spiritually uplifting experience, word will spread organically.



Saranagati Village is located in Venables Valley. The village comprises the entire valley of over 2000 acres. It is self contained and has its own forests, grazing lands and privately managed water sources. All lands are certified organic by BCOCA. There is a private lake and hiking trails for recreation, a small school, 30 Vaisnava families and a small temple. There are camping areas, a few guest cabins and plans in motion to build a larger temple and more guest facilities.


Ownership & Structure

The Ahimsa Goshala Foundation is a not for profit society registered in the province of British Columbia, and governed by the B.C. Societies Act.  Its founders and directing officers are Tim Moore and Olga Moore aka Yoginath and Udarakirti.  All donations are deposited into the Ahimsa Goshala Bank account and used exclusively for the service of Go Mata.

Financial Goals

"The piety one achieves by feeding a cow is never destroyed"  Gavopanishad

Once the barn is finished we will increase the herd by 3-4 cows per year until we reach a maximum herd size of 25 cows. 

Current Market

Target Market

Although the Hindu population in Canada is well over 300,000 and growing we do not want to limit our outreach to any particular ethnic or religious demographic.  We want as many people as possible to experience first hand the calming and also joyful effects of being near mother cow.  As far as we are concerned Sanatana Dharma is meant for the welfare of the entire human society.

"Cows are a symbol of abundance and sanctity of life on earth" Rig Veda