This eco barn will establish a first class cow protection program in Canada for many generations.

Cost of Construction

Architect and permits $8,000
Leveling and site preparation $3,000
Pouring concrete slap $5,000
Framing materials and beams $6,000
Siding $2,000
Roofing materials $5,000
Tempered glass sheets  $8,000
Gober gas kitchen $6,000
Solar system $16,000
Geothermal system  $6,000
Outdoor furnace $12,000
Labor other than volunteer  $20,000
Contingency  $10,000
Total cost of construction      $108,000


How to share with Go Mata

Buy a cow for your family or team up with others $10,000
Become and honorary gopa / gopi    $1,008
Sponsor one of the construction items  $3,000 - $16,000
Set up a monthly recurring etransfer donation $51 - $101
Spread the word, tell others who love cows    Free!


“God blesses those who take care of Cows”


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