"The piety one achieves by feeding a cow is never destroyed"  Gavopanishad

Once the barn is finished we will increase the herd by 3-4 cows per year until we reach a maximum herd size of 25 cows. 

A warm barn is an essential component of taking care of cows in Canada. Especially the ancient sacred breeds need comfort and shelter during the winter months. We have been caring for our Indian breeds of cows for several years now, and we see that they have no problem adopting to the Canadian climate as long as there is a warm barn for shelter during cold periods.

The ecobarn we have designed is quite unique. It would have energy efficient, and comfortably house up to 30 cows. using passive solar collection, geo-thermal heating and cooling, and radiant floor heating using an outdoor wood powered furnace. It would use gober gas for boiling milk in the attached kitchen.  Such a barn will be an attraction in itself and will insure that a steady stream of visitors will come to Saranagati Village to see the Ahimsa Goshala.

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"Everyone should ensure that cows are free from miseries and kept healthy"  Rig Veda

Financial History

The seed money to begin Ahimsa Goshala came from a $20,000 donation from me, Yoginath, (my entire life savings I'm embarrassed to admit) and an additional $10,000 raised by a "Go Fund Me" campaign.  The bulk of that money came from the life savings of my mother in law living in Russia.  This initial investment enabled us to build the first barn and fence a small pasture around the barn.  After that we received another $5,000 in donations for purchasing our first group of cows.  The barn was constructed in 2014, In the years since then we have established a small but regular revenue stream from visitors and supporters which has allowed us to invest another $10,000 in miscellaneous equipment for the goshala day to day operations.  Now we need some serious money from donors with deep pockets and big hearts, who can understand the long term benefits of a goshala in Canada, and who want to give something special to the world.

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