Target Market

Although the Hindu population in Canada is well over 300,000 and growing we do not want to limit our outreach to any particular ethnic or religious demographic.  We want as many people as possible to experience first hand the calming and also joyful effects of being near mother cow.  As far as we are concerned Sanatana Dharma is meant for the welfare of the entire human society.

"Cows are a symbol of abundance and sanctity of life on earth" Rig Veda

Current alternatives

At present If you are  living in Canada your only option for making offerings to Go Mata is to travel to India or to send an overseas donation. If you want to touch Go Mata and receive her blessings directly you have to take special permission and visit a commercial dairy where she is grossly exploited, certainly not a holy atmosphere. Even then it is not the breed of hump cows mentioned in the Vedas.

"Everyone should ensure that cows are free from miseries and kept healthy" Rig Veda

Our advantages

Saranagati Village is conveniently located midway between Vancouver and Calgary along the Trans Canada Highway, and midway between Prince George and Kelowna. Visitors traveling from Alberta to Vancouver, or from Vancouver to points east, or looking for a weekend getaway from the lower mainland in B.C., can stop by, spend a day in Saranagati and make their vacation a special event by taking blessings from Go Mata. We offer:
  • good location

  • high standards of cow care

  • friendly welcome to visitors

  • financial transparency

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