Pooja and Havan


"Oh Goddess Cow you make a weak person strong, you make a glowless person beautiful and with your auspicious sounds you make our homes auspicious"  Atharva Veda

Every full moon (purnima) we offer puja to Go Mata.  Also on certain festival days such as Gopastami, and upon special request from a donor or visitor we conduct puja and havan. 

We are happy when we receive a phone call or an email from someone asking if they can come to feed and worship the cow. 

Phone: 1 236 565 1199
Gujarati, Hindi, and Punjabi: 1 639 571 2171

We are honored to be in a position to offer such a service.


"She provides us with food and knowledge even when we mildly pray"  Kathopanishat