Cow protection, what we do and why we do it


"Cows are a symbol of abundance and sanctity of life on earth"

For most of us our only connection with cows is through the window of a car as we zoom past a commercial dairy.  Based on that experience it may be difficult to understand how and why the cow is considered sacred.   At Ahimsa Goshala we have created an environment where you can spend intimate quality time with Go Mata.   We want to bring respect and care for cows into the mainstream of human values.  We understand that cow care is extremely relevant in today's world.  Cows are a medium for humans to reconnect with the spiritual dimension of life.  Its just the way the universe is constructed, that is our conviction and that is our motivation for developing Ahimsa goshala.

We protect our cows for their entire lives.  Not only protect, but provide them with fresh grass, fresh water, clean bedding and lots of love.  All of this for one greater purpose, to promote Sanatana Dharma and ultimately to please Lord Krishna.

"The cow is the past and the future.  she nourishes the health of all living entities and she is the root of prosperity.  The piety one achieves by feeding a cow is never destroyed"   Gavopanishad